National Long-Term Prosperity Study

A 2017 study by McKinsey reported that advancing women’s equality in Canada has the potential 0.6% annual incremental GDP growth totaling $150 billion in incremental GDP by 2026. The Prosperity Study will uncover and share practical solutions that will provide insights for employers and policy-makers on actions that need to be taken to improve gender equality.  It will also enable women to learn from one another to increase their employment income and well-being.

How might working Canadian women in the 21st century, exemplify the dignity of work by being well paid, with opportunities to influence social and economic change for themselves, their families, workplaces and communities? How might policy makers regionally, provincially, and federally provide programs and support to ensure that Canadian women have good jobs, be resilient, realize their potential and be fit for jobs of the future? How might employers create organizations with equality of opportunity?

The Prosperity Study is Canada’s first inclusive on-line national long-term multi-generational study of 10,000 women in all socio-economic groups. We invite Canadian women to help uncover the answers to those questions. Women who enroll in the Study will help The Prosperity Project™ explore and capture the realities and changes experienced by Canadian working women over the period 2021 to 2030. The Prosperity Study will engage and follow women in communities and urban centres across Canada who are entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce or maintaining employment status. The participants will reflect the diversity of working women by age, ethnicity, skills levels, job experience, education, location and family circumstances.

The Canadian workforce faces an extended period of a volatile and precarious job market generated by the disruption of COVID-19, climate change risks, income inequality as well as accelerating technology advances that will continue to displace workers. Lower average earnings and lower participation in the workforce by Canadian women have huge economic costs to Canada.

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